Carrier Services

  • SD-WAN, MPLS, SIP Phone Lines, Fiber Optic High Speed Internet, Cable Modems, etc.
  • Kapp guarantees the lowest prices with an average savings of 35% and the highest level of support, always!
  •  Kapp has partnerships with a variety of communication companies that include the largest voice and high speed internet circuit providers.
  • We are part of the largest group of wholesale buyers (with over 500 resellers) in the U.S. and possibly the world.
  • Kapp guarantees the absolute fastest internet speeds for the lowest monthly rates!
  • Kapp guarantees automatic bidding with up to 49 carriers that will save you a tremendous amount of time versus doing it yourself!
  • Kapp guarantees that most, if not all, of the cost of your new phone system will be paid for from the carrier services savings!
  • Kapp guarantees that your initial installation and ongoing support will go smoother as Kapp will manage and control the carrier services better than if you ordered the services on your own. We know how to talk their terminology and we deal with the same people on a daily basis.
  • Kapp also provides carrier services even if you do not need a new business phone system at this time.
  • Kapp guarantees that once your carrier agreement expires, we will contact you, usually within 90 days prior to expiration, and once again provide you the guaranteed lowest new rates available.
Below is a sample of the major service providers that we represent:
Carrier Providers Represented by Kapp Carrier Services