Customer Success Stories – Attic Records, Inc.

Initial Challenge

Attic Records, located in Millvale, PA, is a very large store with numerous aisles of merchandise which made it very difficult for the owner, Fred Bohn and his employees to see if items were being stolen. According to Fred, records and CDs were missing on an almost daily basis.

What We Did for Them

Kapp Communications installed a new DVR security system with sixteen dome cameras inside the building, which are displayed on a large ceiling mounted color monitor for easy viewing by the employees. A second color monitor was also installed inside of Attic’s workroom area.

What Were the Solution Results?

Fred and his employees now have the ability to monitor the entire store from both the cash register and their workroom area, eliminating the need for additional people on staff. The savings to Fred’s payroll more than paid for the new security camera system purchase. Fred stated “Kapp’s staff was very professional and knowledgeable throughout the entire installation process. My life is much easier and my mind is at each because of Kapp’s help and quality equipment. I would highly recommend Kapp Communications to anyone in need of a security camera system.”