Customer Success Stories: Global Oil Field Services

Initial Challenge

“GOSC”, a global oil field services company, was working with one of our competitors for administration and reporting on their telecom spend, but were not receiving optimization services, and were looking for greater transparency and customizability in reporting.

GOSC employees performed optimization themselves in addition to regular work duties in an attempt to realize savings, but ultimately decided to bring in our Solutions Group in a consulting capacity to assist not only with optimization, but with managed services, consolidated billing, and implementation of policies that were not being enforced.

What We Did For Them

We began with RFP management, soliciting proposals from major wireless carriers to identify the best solution for GOSC’s needs. We successfully completes the strategic renegotiations with two carriers at a dramatic reduction from GOSC’s previous spend.

Our Solutions Group also implemented a sophisticated approval process that allowed GOSC to effectively implement and enforce employee device purchasing policies. We designed, programmed, and implemented a dual-level approval system to automatically filter purchasing requests to appropriate personnel.

Our Solutions Group Gets Results

  • Providing industry-leading, fully customizable reporting for maximum visibility
  • Designed and implemented custom solutions based on company needs
  • Renegotiated carrier contracts to realize huge savings
  • Assisting with gradual company-wide move to a single provider system
  • Automating manual processes for ease of use and reduction of man hours
  • Making best practice recommendations, identifying billing descrepancies, and providing valuable insights into company practices.

Tangible Savings

GOSC has calculated that the services provided by our Solutions Group are now saving them $1.6 million annually, in addition to over $1 million saved through individual contract negotiations. Further savings have been realized through the enforcement of company purchasing policies and automation of manual processes.