Customer Success Stories: Health Care

Initial Challenge

“HC”, a Health Care corporation, began acquiring a number of smaller practices and found themselves managing 45 different billing accounts across 8 providers. These accounts each had their own policy and telecom admin, and HC had no centralized HR oversight in place to manage assignment or distribution of lines and devices.

HC brought in our Solutions Group to consolidate their accounts and implement a centralized HR solution that would allow them to manage billing and accounts from their central offices.

What We Did For Them

We collected billing data from all providers, performed a detailed analysis, and negotiated new contracts with carriers based on the analysis data.

In order to centralize operations across all companies, our Solutions Group designed, programmed, and implemented a automated accounting solution to allocate costs and remove the need for manual labor from HC’s accounting department. Our Solutions Group also developed an HR feed to code out the billing for new contracts, and on-site training to HC’s employees.

When consolidation and deployment negotiations stalled, our Solutions Group maintained contact with HC and providers, continuing monthly meetings, bringing visibility to the process, and helping HC et back on track with their goals and objectives.

Our Solutions Group Gets Results

  • Consolidated billing accounts from a total of 45 to just 7
  • Contract negotiation led to higher discounts and free equipment upgrades
  • Provided in-depth, on-site training and support for IT
  • Assisted IT with deployment of tablet computers, including bulk procurement of SIM cars
  • 7×7 Help Desk support means that problems or questions are addressed promptly and personally by us
  • Empowered employees by developing and deploying simple, centralized solutions company-wide

Tangible Savings

New wireless contracts negotiated by out Solutions Group saved an initial $100/line across 200-240 mobile devices in addition to new equipment.

Last year, the amount of money saved thanks to our Solutions Group across just two of HC’s remaining providers came to a total of $240,000 in addition to the man-hours saved through the implementation of automated, centralized accounting and billing.