Customer Success Stories – Ice Castle

Initial Challenge

Ice Castle, located in Castle Shannon, PA had an existing security camera system which was installed by their computer vendor and outside electrician. Each time a problem surfaced with the system, the computer technician blamed the electrician and in turn the electrician blamed the camera control equipment

What We Did for Them

Ice Castle’s owner, Ralph Murovich, stated that the existing system wiring was in disarray and insisted that new wiring was necessary which needed to be completed in a neat and professional manner.

Kapp Communications installed a new DVR security system and all new wiring to the existing 29 cameras and added 2 new IP cameras, which are used to monitor the building’s state of the art ice rinks.  Another pan-tilt-zoom camera was also included to monitor Ice Castle’s large parking lot. A color monitor was installed in the manager’s office which displays all 32 cameras inside and outside the complex. Kapp also configured iPhone and iPad devices for Ralph, his wife and son for remote viewing.

What Were the Solution Results?

The DVR and camera wiring throughout the entire complex now display a professional touch. The addition of IP and pan-tilt-zoom cameras gives Ralph the ability to now monitor both ice rinks as well as their parking lot. Ralph stated “I definitely chose the right company in selecting Kapp Communications. Everyone at Kapp was extremely knowledgeable and professional and a pleasure to work with throughout the entire installation and training process. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time in the future. We are completely satisfied with everything that Kapp did for us and highly recommend them for all of your security camera needs”