Customer Success Stories: Manufacturing & Recycling

Initial Challenge

“MFG”, a manufacturing and recycling company, already had a wireless optimization system in place via our competitor, but were looking for more detailed reporting, a new administrator, and managed support. In addition, MFG was in the middle of contract negotiations with several carriers and hoped to optimize their wireless spend while reducing their overall number of providers.

What We Did For Them

We ran a new optimization scenario and discovered that while working with our competitors, MFG was not yet realizing the highest savings possible. MFG switched to us for full optimization services as well as contract negotiation, consolidated billing, account management, and managed support.

Since then, we have provided help desk services, new contract negotiations with all providers, ongoing account management, and have built a customized web portal that integrates our support services with the IT support services already in place at MFG. Because MFG is in a high-turnover industry, we also preform regular audits to identify zero-usage devices and reassign them to new users, ensuring that MFG keeps it unnecessary spend at a minimum at all times.

Our Solutions Group Gets Results

  • Providing industry-leading, fully customizable reporting for maximum visibility
  • Leveraged Solutions Group VAR status to provide RIM tech support at a reduced rate
  • Contract negotiation led to higher discounts and free equipment upgrades
  • Consolidated carrier contracts and billing
  • Created a new internal process to handle turnover and equipment distribution
  • Our integrated Help Desk with MFG’s existing support telephony system
  • Empowered employees by developing and deploying simple, centralized solutions company-wide

Tangible Savings

Our Solutions Group found an additional $3,000 in savings above and beyond those identified by our competitors, for a total of over $380,000 in the first year. We have also negotiated over $40,000 in credits to MFG from just one provider.

Through close management and monitoring of all lines and devices, we have minimal financial penalties associated with employee turnover and device deactivation.