Adobe Connect Software for eLearning

The complete digital learning solution for virtually any device

Adobe Connect Software for eLearning provides a complete solution for rapid training and mobile learning, enabling rapid deployment of training accessible from anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device – leveraging industry-leading content authoring tools, rich learner registration capabilities and powerful learner management with tracking tools.
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Rapidly create and deploy engaging content

With Adobe Connect Software, you can rapidly create and deploy content with instant publishing of content to the cloud, easy-to-use plug-ins for Microsoft PowerPoint and industry-leading authoring tools including Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter. Content creators can author materials and complete courses within days versus weeks, creating content once and publishing it for access across virtually any device. In addition, future eLearning sessions can be repeated without preparation using persistent virtual classrooms. The Adobe Connect Software eLearning solution enables you to:
  • Easily create interactive training content directly from PowerPoint leveraging Adobe Presenter
  • Create more advanced content and simulations with Adobe Captivate
  • Author Content once and deploy across virtually any device
  • Publish training instantly to the cloud, including Adobe Captivate and Presenter content, for deployment and tracking across broadly based audiences
  • Build reusable learning assets and content libraries

Maximize training attendance

Maximize learner registration and training attendance, leveraging tools to create and deploy rich emails, registration pages and catalogs with templates to help provide consistency across the organization and reminders to help ensure that your communications reach learners. Adobe Connect Software enables you to:
  • Create rich, fully customizable training registration pages, catalogs and emails using content authoring capabilities powered by Adobe CQ technology, including intuitive drag-and-drop content creation tools and design templates
  • Manage training invitations, registration and reminders with standard email triggers as well as custom email triggers to go out to specified learner groups at predefined times

Enable mobile learning on virtually any device

Provide learners the freedom to access virtual classrooms from a range of mobile devices, as well as instant desktop access with no client downloads. Join or even host a training session directly from a mobile device. Adobe Connect Software helps you to:
  • Enable access from anywhere, anytime on virtually any device, including PCs and mobile devices (iOS, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook)
  • Provide rich, interactive mobile experiences for learners across devices
  • Deliver virtual training sessions directly from your mobile device, including hosting, presenting, session administration, file sharing and other capabilities
  • Provide instant learner access with no client downloads on desktops

Deliver immersive experiences in live and on-demand classes

Leverage engagement dashboards to track and maximize learner participation in live sessions, as well as flexible, branded layouts to optimize the look and feel of courses. Multiple trainers can teach in sync using intuitive backstage tools for streamlined session management and enhanced learner experiences. Adobe Connect Software enable you to:
  • Easily reuse content, layouts and templates in rooms without any preparation
  • Track attentiveness, engagement and interactivity on both an individual level and across your session overall, to understand training effectiveness in real time
  • Share rich media and video without forcing downloads for learners
  • Organize virtual classroom flow and content with customizable layouts
  • Deliver recorded sessions with the same interactivity as live sessions
  • Focus discussion and bolster group interaction with breakout rooms

Efficiently manage and track training

Adobe Connect Software provides many of the learner management and tracking capabilities of a traditional Learning Management System (LMS), at a fraction of the cost. You can also integrate Adobe Connect Software with your existing LMS to deliver and track rapid training and virtual classes. Adobe Connect Software enable you to:
  • Accelerate course creation and delivery with streamlined creation of structured curricula and easy learner enrollment management
  • Leverage security and privacy controls to help safeguard sensitive learning content and participant information during all phases of learning
  • Directly publish SCORM and AICC compliant content to the Adobe Connect Software Server in order to leverage your existing learning libraries for use in Adobe Connect Software training courses and curricula and make it easy to track individual and learner group activities and progress

Easily integrate Adobe Connect Software with third-party systems

Adobe Connect Software provides a variety of integration points with your existing systems and is highly extensible, making it possible for your organization to easily create new capabilities to address your specific business needs. Adobe Connect Software enables you to:
  • Work with virtually any audio provider or teleconferencing platform for richer audio experiences and increased cost-effectiveness
  • Integrate Adobe Connect Software with Learning Management Systems (LMS) to offer rich, engaging virtual classrooms directly from your existing LMS, manage and track learners, enrollment, access and participation directly back to your enterprise learning system
  • Extend and add capabilities to virtual classrooms, such as collaborative problem solving or learning games, using content compatible with Adobe Flash Player

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