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Tired of do-it-yourself or Non-qualified system technicians?

There is a lot that goes into setting up and running an intelligent business data Network, configuring new servers, maintaining software, monitoring for downtime, keeping hackers out of the network, adding/removing new users, preventing virus infections and much, much more. Let us be your new IT management Professionals and leave the technical challenges to us. Go ahead, focus on your Core business not deal with IT frustrations.

IT Managed Services and Support Located in Pittsburgh PA

Our award-winning IT managed services portfolio

Universal Services

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring – Our Cloud Networks will consistently keep track of the health of your devices and network. We will proactively contact you if we notice a device is showing signs of failure.
  • Anti-Malware Licenses – Anti-Malware ensures that your system is protected by blue standard software.
  • System Patches – Allow us to automatically install critical Microsoft OS system patches across all of the virtual machines, workstations and devices in your network.
  • Event Log Monitoring – Event Log Monitoring will allow us to constantly keep track of the conditions of your systems to make sure everything is working in sync and efficiently.
  • Anti-Virus – Cloud Based Threat Protection that is always up to date..
  • Vendor Support Services – We will be the middle man between you and the 3rd party application vendor and troubleshoot everything for you.

For Service

  • Hardware & Software Audits – We conduct regular audits to make sure that everything is running smoothly. By being proactive about maintenance we will reduce your risk of down time.
  • Microsoft Application Patches – We will automatically install Microsoft application patches on your server without any headaches or down time.
  • Service Packs & Updates – We will ensure that all service packs and updates are installed on a regular basis without you having to experience any related outages or hassle.
  • Custom Services Packages – Customer complete care service packages can be negotiated in which you can opt into on-site visits and regular in-depth maintenance not stated in our standard packages. Need something unique to your businesses? We will build a plan that is customized to your own organization needs!
  • All-Inclusive Support – With our pricing program everything is included, you’re not going to be surprised with additional invoices at the end of the month for things that aren’t covered.
  • Email and Application Support – Kapp Communications manages and maintains Office 365 and Gmail / Google Apps.

For Work Stations

  • Unlimited Purchasing & License Support – We’ll help you attain your licenses and keep them up to date on your devices.
  • Microsoft365 Support – From the Setup of your Microsoft365 (formerly called Office365) Tenant to Day to Day Management, we handle all of your Microsoft365 needs.
  • OS Support – We will keep your workstations in optimal working condition.
  • Hardware & Network Support – Don’t know why your devices or network are having issues? Trust in us to be there to figure it out!
  • All-Inclusive Service Package – With our one stop pricing we handle all of your IT needs on a Per-Device Pricing Plan. That way there are no surprises at the end of the month with invoices. You know what you are going to pay, per month, each month.

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