Video Camera Security Systems

Kapp Communications offers a wide range of high-quality video security cameras to meet your needs. We provide onsite design, installation, and superior onsite support for our video security systems. Enjoy access to smartphone viewing apps so you can rest easy knowing you have superior surveillance in place.

Our Most Popular High Quality Cameras (1 to 10 megapixels)


IP, HD Cameras

Network Bullet Security Camera

Network Bullet Camera

  • 2 Megapixels
  • Outdoor/Indoor/Color
  • Day & Night Vision
  • 3-9 MM Auto Iris Lens
  • Built-in Electronic Photo Cell
  • 2-year Warranty

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Dome Security Camera

  • 2 Megapixels
  • Indoor/Outdoor/Color
  • Day & Night Vision
  • 3-9 MM Auto Iris Lens
  • Built-in Electronic Photo Cell
  • 2-year Warranty

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Analog Cameras

5MP Bullet Security Camera

  • 600 TV Lines
  • Outdoor/Indoor/Color
  • Day & Night Vision
  • Built-in Electronic Photo Cell
  • 2-year Warranty

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1080p Dome Security Camera

  • 600 TV Lines
  • Outdoor/Indoor/Color
  • Day & Night Vision
  • Built-in Electronic Photo Cell
  • 2-year Warranty

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Our High Quality Hybrid (IP and Analog) Features and Specs, DVRs and Servers

High Quality Features

 Incredible IP performance in a hybrid security DVR packed with the latest features for Dependable and durable security deployments

  • Linux or Windows Embedded System
  • Full Hybrid Support (Analog and IP)
  • Supports 60+ brands of IP cameras
  • Supports up to 42 megapixels per server
  • POS Integration

IP Performance Matters

Our DVRs are not only compatible with both analog and IP cameras, but the system is designed to process massive amounts of video with extreme power and precision to deliver every meticulous surveillance detail. So, there are no jumps, bumps or lags.

Video Surveillance Award Winning Interface

Software Matters

Seamless network integration, intuitive video intelligence, powerful Visual and Intelligent search features, comprehensive remote and alarm management and more, our DVRs are built for power, precision and performance.

Video Security System Data Security

Data Safety Matters

All of our DVRs include our Remote Backup tool that pulls data off the DVRs database and stores the information at a remote location. The system can also be pre-configured for specific time intervals to archive and pull data off.

POS Video Security

POS Matters

When deploying surveillance in retail facilities, loss prevention becomes critical. When cash registers are part of the every day work week, you will be happy to know that our DVR is compatible with most commonly used POS systems. Not only does this smart system actively associates transaction data with corresponding video images, but it also outputs alerts for suspicious events based on your assigned keywords.

DVR Specifications

InterfaceGraphical user interface (world’s first in Emb. Linux
Account AdministrationUp to 32 accounts with configurable user privileges
Camera AdministrationIndividually adjust analog camera fps/resolution
PTZ ControlZoom-in/Zoom-out, Focus-in/Focus-out, Direction , Speed, Preset point, Autopan
De-inerlace optionsOptimize for dynamic/static analog camera scenes
Playback AdministrationPlayback while recording or setup
Play, rewind, fast-forward, frame-by-frame control
Digitally zoom to specific regions in recorded video
Export single frame to .jpg, export video clip to DVR
Motion DetectionConfigurable to sense mass/motion; can partition off areas in monitoring regions from motion triggers (Analog Cameras only)
Event Recording ScheduleContinuous, Smart, Motion, Alarm, Manual
Video Event SearchDate/time, camera, event & log files
Advanced Event LogFull event, operation, system & network activities log
Alarm NotificationsLaunch or send E-map, relay, video capture, CM3000 or E-mail notification
E-map DisplayPositions of cameras, sensors, relays & event status
iEnhanceEnhance video quality such as Brightness/Contrast/Hue/Saturation/ Sharpness/Noise Reduction/De-interlace/Fray Scale of recorded video
iStableOne-click fix for shaky video caused by camera movement (such as wind or vandalism)
Remote Management
Central ManagementCM3000 software – supports up to 1000 DVRs
Remote DVR connectivityWebViewer (MS Internet Explorer only), Remote Console, JavaViewer, PDAViewer
DDNSAllow remote clients to search dynamic servers without inquiring for server’s IP address
Warranty2 Year Parts

All of our solutions are bundled with software that ensures that from monitoring, searching, retrieving to exporting your video surveillance is as effortless as possible.

Your Solution Includes:

DVR Video Management

Video Management

Manage, monitor, search and export your DVR Video data easily and effortlessly.

DVR Remote Management

Remote Management

Remotely view and control your DVR from anywhere, anytime.

DVR Central Management

Central Management

Command the entire suite of your DVRs over the network in one central location with our central management software.


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