Adobe Connect Software for Webinars

The all-in-one solution for digital marketing events Adobe Connect Software for Webinars helps you deliver compelling, immersive webinars.
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Drive registrations with powerful even management tools

Rapidly create the branding and calls to action that will drive traffic to your registration page and expose your message to wider audiences. Enable by powerful Adobe CQ technology, use intuitive drag-and-drop content creation tools and rich design templates in Adobe Connect Software to create fully customizable, HTML-based event pages, email, microsites and catalogs.

  • Quickly create customized event pages, including landing pages, speaker information registration pages and login pages
  • Set up standard email triggers, such as invitations, reminders, thankyou notes, or missed meting notes, as well as custom email triggers to go out to specified registration groups at predefined times
  • Leverage email and event page templates to help ensure consistency across the organization and customize using a variety of components including images, tables, charges, carousels and other elements
  • Improve event discovery with automatically generated master event catalogs that list all events and can be easily embedded into any website and highlighted in a carousel. Provide options to view events by date, topic or other identifiers

Prepare for events in advance

Save time and get your webinars off to a great start by planning ahead. Prerecord content for live replay and leverage persistent meeting rooms to prepare an event environment once and reuse it continuously, making rehearsals easy and event administration more efficient.
Adobe Connect Software enables you to:

  • Prepare room environments once and reuse continuously, including layouts, content, video, quizzes, polls, notes and other elements as well as the meeting room URL itself
  • Prerecord content for seamless replay during a live session for a more consistent experience across viewers

Maximize reach and simplify event attendance

Maximize reach by enabling participants to join your events from virtually any device, with simplified access and reminders to help ensure users don’t miss your event. Adobe Connect Software enables you to:

  • Simplify registration experiences for participants, with the option of enabling event participants to login to an event directly by using their email addresses, eliminating password requirements
  • Provide automatic email and Microsoft Outlook calendar reminders
  • Enable access from anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device, including iOS (iPad, iPhone and others), Android    smartphones and tablets and BlackBerry PlayBook
  • Enable instant access from the desktop, with no client download required

Deliver exceptional event experiences

Deliver experiences that inspire participants to take action with tools that help you communicate your message with the greatest impact – including intuitive event layouts and controls, dynamic multimedia content and video streaming without additional downloads, social media integration and real-time engagement monitoring tools. Adobe Connect Software enables you to:

  • Leverage complete flexibility in arranging meeting room layouts by adding, removing, resizing, or moving windows such as chat, Q&A, notes, content sharing, video and webcam streams and others, enabling you to present your message in the most effective way and keep participants engaged.
  • Integrate social media with live Twitter streams during your event, enabling participants to follow discussions related to the event or other topics in real time, directly from within the event environment.
  • Monitor engagement in real time on a backstage dashboard and understand how well your message is resonating. Gauge audience engagement levels on both an individual level and overall, including specifics on interaction (Q&A, poll responses and others).
  • Leverage a backstage area and “prepare mode” to coordinate events behind the scenes, enabling multiple presenters and hosts to simultaneously update their layouts and upload new content on-the-fly without disrupting presentations in progress, helping ensure seamless event execution.

Optimize events with Adobe SiteCatalyst to increase ROI

Optimize events for maximum return on investment and exceptional participant experiences with built-in, easy-to-use analytical tools that identify top-performing promotions, measure webinar engagement and generate rich visual interpretations of data for faster decision making Adobe Connect Software enables you to:

  • Evaluate and refine promotional tactics with robust campaign tracking capabilities that enable you to identify channels that produce the highest traffic, as well as the most qualified leads.
  • Quickly monitor and socialize program results leveraging rich graphical interpretation of data including a conversion funnel to see the total number of qualified leads, specific page view and the number of leads generated based on pre-determined criteria.
  • Integrate with a full subscription of Adobe SiteCatalyst to measure and compare effectiveness across all webinars, correlate data with website traffic and other digital marketing campaigns and create a 360-degree view of your prospects as they roam all of your digital properties.

Reach thousands with the Adobe Connect Software Webcast option

Choose the Adobe Connect Software Webcast option to scale your online event to well beyond what’s possible in a face-to-face setting or via other webinar solutions. The Webcast option is the large events solution from Adobe designed to support one-to-many or few-to-many customer requirements. You can reach an audience of thousands instantly and share high-quality streaming video that can be delivered live or on demand. The Webcast option includes bundled event management services.

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